About us

DE IMPERIAL PHILANTHROPIC FAMILY (DIPF) is a Body Corporate, fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and founded in 2021. Its membership is, largely, composed of Private Sector Operators, drawn from divers Business and Enterpreneurial inclinations, in Nigeria, and the Diaspora.
The Institution’s Ideology rests on Humanitarian commonalities, manifesting in compelling imperatives of providing exigent Helpline Templates, in tackling issues of Maternal Death challenges, by erecting Cottage Health Facilities; Equipping already existing (but, poorly managed) Health Centres; Stimulating Educational Development through processed Scholarship Schemes and sundry Awards for all levels of Academic Excellence; Providing Technical Aids for Skills Acquisition and investing in Ventures, through which there is an intentional Institutional Reduction in Unemployment, Drug/Substance Abuse, Thuggery, Banditry, Armed Robbery and several other Anti- Social indulgences, thereby, retooling the Southeast, as a veritable Hub for Socio-Economic Growth, Development and Prosperity. DE IMPERIAL PHILANTHROPIC FAMILY recognises the Southeast Geopolitical Region, of Nigeria, as its catchment Humanitarian Jurisdiction, driven by an overriding Motto, “ LIVING FOR HUMANITY”.


DE IMPERIAL PHILANTHROPIC FAMILY is a group of patriotic, responsible, responsive and dutiful persons, drawn from the South-eastern demographic of Nigeria, and across global Diaspora.


  1.  Not a club, society or Political Pressure Group
  2. Not politically attached to an known political party or caucus
  3. Not known or identified by any particular state in the southeast region.
  4. Not driven by any political aspiration, interest or sponsorship of anyone harbouring a political interest.
  5. Not affiliated to, or associated with, any club, Pressure Group, politically- exposed bodies or movement.

Early decades of the twentieth century were a capitalistic Renaissance period, of sort, for the Igbo stock, who are, preponderantly, located in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.
However, preceding this period, were voluminous chronicles of a people, who had traversed Courses, Principalities, kingdoms and Domains, leaving, in their tracks, conquering streaks and sheer dominance of Nature, in all her splendor and gifting. The Igbo stock is innately, driven by the all-conquering spirit of wealth creation, and collective prosperity.
Little wonder, every successful Igbo businessman, anywhere you find him, on planet earth, tags his kith, along in his chosen venture, or vocation. Indubitably, pre-independence Nigeria, paraded iconic Igbo entrepreneurial personalities, who bestrode the Nigerian Economic landscape, like inimitable colossuses.
Sir Louis Ojukwu, arguably one of Africa’s richest men, of his epoch, fitted this description.
By him, and through him, many young Igbo sons, like Chief Ilodibe (Ekene Dilichukwu Motors Ltd), emerged and chatted the course for South-Eastern Capitalism, and, indeed, largely, Nigeria’s economic growth and development.
Alas, it will appear that extant realities have subverted the undying spirit of the Igbo man. But, no more.
The DE IMPERIAL PHILANTHROPIC FAMILY emerges, as a flagship Avatar, spearheading the rebirth of the “Can-do” spirit of the Igbo Youth, leveraging on the Igbo man’s historic sense of humanitarian engagement “tag-along” and “ pull-him-up” dispositions.
Like the eagle, the DE IMPERIAL PHILANTHROPIC FAMILY, has landed.